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    alt Occupational Health prime:
    A young and fast growing EAP, Occupational and Travel Health and Safety provider with an expanding clientele in Africa and in the United Kingdom.
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    alt OHPrime is convinced that the well-being of client/company is imperative to the health of our community. OHPrime understands that accidents, illnesses, and sick days directly affect business...
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    alt We have a variety of teams which includes:
    Occupational Health Physicians
    Occupational Health Nurses
    Occupational Health Physiotherapists
    Occupational Health CBT Nurses
    Occupational Health Medical Administrators


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Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever

Ebola hemorrhagic fever (Ebola HF) is one of numerous Viral Hemorrhagic Fevers. It is a severe, often fatal disease in humans and nonhuman primates (such as monkeys, gorillas, and chimpanzees).

Ebola HF is caused by infection with a virus of the family Filoviridae, genus Ebolavirus. When infection occurs, symptoms usually begin abruptly. The first Ebolavirus species was discovered in 1976 in what is now the Democratic Republic of the Congo near the Ebola River. Since then, outbreaks have appeared sporadically.


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  • Third victim dies in Nigeria

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OHprime Featured Services

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    Occupational Health Services

    Irrespective of their size, every organisation can increase employee productivity and reduce staff illness via a proactive approach to occupational health.

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    OH Recruitment

    The Occupational Health Professionals your company or organisation needs have already found their way to us!
    As the recruiter of choice for skilled professional ...

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    Medical Assessments

    Medical assessments are health checks carried out to ensure an individual is
    fit to do a specific job, fit to work in a specific environment,

Our Values:

Our Strategy:

1- To improve the quality of life of the workforce
2- To deliver an exceptional corporate client experience
3- Development of an affordable and sustainable occupational health system
4- To achieve international recognition for our innovation
5- To develop a world class work force

Our vision:

Delivering the highest quality of occupational healthcare, driven by research for the optimum health and well being of the workplace.