About Us

  • Occupational Health prime, a young and fast growing EAP, Occupational and Travel Health and Safety provider with an expanding clientele in Africa and in the United Kingdom.

    We are able to provide occupational medicine, primary care, drug testing and wellness services using our extensive network of reputable hospital and laboratory centers. We aim to raise the standard of occupational healthcare by putting the worker first, treating with clinical excellence, and focusing on continuous well-being.
    Employers can rest better, knowing that the health and safety of their employees are in safe hands.

  • OHP Provider Network

    We have a continously expanding provider network spanning through the following locations:

    • alt Nigeria Eket, Ijebu - Ode
      Agbara, Port Harcourt
      Lagos (Keffi, Ikoyi, Lekki, VGC)
    • alt United Kingdom London
    • alt South Africa Umbogintwini
      Cape Town
    • alt Ghana Accra

    Medical Insurance
    Our outsourced employees have medical insurance as per the legal requirement of the country of deployment.
    As per our company ethos, the medical profession and data protection regulations prevailing in the country, we strongly adhere to all policies in support of maintaining client confidentiality and efficient record keeping.
    We encourage progressive learning and development by ensuring staff are up to date with their company Continuous Professional Development requirements.
    We have a strict Quality management system which ensures our centers maintain a high quality of service, equipment and procedures. We frequently review documents such as relevant Caliberation certificates, policies, checklists and operational procedures. We carry out comprehensive background checks on all our outsourced staff ensuring they are of good standing with the law, law enforcement agencies, regulatory bodies (medical/nursing council) and other relevant agencies.

    How we work?

    • Assessing the Worker First
    • alt
    • Treatment with Clinical Excellence
    • alt
    • Continuous

    Our Values:

    Our Strategy:

    1- To improve the quality of life of the workforce
    2- To deliver an exceptional corporate client experience
    3- Development of an affordable and sustainable occupational health system
    4- To achieve international recognition for our innovation
    5- To develop a world class work force

    Our vision:

    Delivering the highest quality of occupational healthcare, driven by research for the optimum health and well being of the workplace.