Company Policies


OHprime is committed to providing a confidential service to its users. No information given to OHprime will be shared with any other organization or individual without the user's expressed permission.

For the purpose of this policy, confidentiality relates to the transmission of personal, sensitive or identifiable information about individuals or organizations (confidential information), which comes into the possession of the organization through its work.

OHprime holds personal data on its staff, users, members etc., which will only be used for the purposes for which it was gathered and will not be disclosed to anyone outside of the organization without prior permission.

All personal data will be dealt with sensitivity and in the strictest confidence internally and externally.

The purpose of the Confidentiality Policy is to ensure that at staff, members and users understand the organizations requirements in relation to the disclosure of personal data and confidential information.

  • All personal paper-based and electronic data must be stored in accordance with the Data Protection Act, 1998 and must be secured against unauthorized access, accidental disclosure, loss or destruction.
  • All personal paper-based and electronic data must only be accessible to those individuals authorized to have access.

OHprime is committed to effective statistical recording of the use of its services in order to monitor usage and performance.

All statistical records given to third parties, such as to support funding applications or monitoring reports for the local authority or any other organization shall be produced in anonymous form, so individuals cannot be recognized.

All records are kept in locked filing cabinets. All information relating to service users will be left in locked drawers. This includes notebooks, copies of correspondence and any other sources of information.

OHprime recognizes that occasions may arise where individual workers feel they need to breach confidentiality. Confidential or sensitive information relating to an individual may be divulge where there is risk of danger to the individual, a volunteer or employee, or the public at large, or where it is against the law to withhold it. In these circumstances, information may be divulged to external agencies e.g. policy or social services on a need to know basis.

Where a worker feels confidential should be breached the following steps will be taken:
  • The worker should raise the matter immediately with their Line Manager.
  • The worker must discuss with the Line Manager the issues involved in the case and explain why they feel confidentiality should be breached and what would be achieved by breaching confidentiality. The Line Manager should take a written note of this discussion.
  • The Line Manager is responsible for discussing with the worker what options are available in each set of circumstances.
  • The Line Manager is responsible for making a decision on whether confidentiality should be breached. If the Line Manager decides that confidentiality is to be breached then they should take the following steps:
    • Contact the Chair in the first instance, or Vice Chair of the Executive Committee. The Manager should brief the Chair/Vice Chair on the full facts of the case, ensuring they do not breach confidentiality in doing so. The Line Manager should seek authorization to breach confidentiality from the Chair/Vice Chair.
    • If the Chair/Vice Chair agrees to breach confidentiality, a full written report on the case should be made and any action agreed undertaken. The Line Manager is responsible for ensuring all activities are actioned.
    • If the Chair/Vice Chair does not agree to breach confidentiality then this is the final decision of OHprime.

OHprime will monitor this policy to ensure it meets statutory and legal requirements including Data Protection Act, Children's Act, Rehabilitation of Offenders Act, Prevention of Terrorism Act and any relevant laws in the country of service. Training on the policy will include these aspects.

All Executive Committee members will receive a copy of the confidentiality policy. Existing and new workers will be introduced to the confidentiality policy via induction and training. The policy will be reviewed annually and amendments will be proposed and agreed by the Executive Committee.

Breaches of this policy will be dealt with under the Grievance and/or Disciplinary procedures as appropriate.


The OH Prime HSE Policy is based on minimizing the HSE risks and protecting and caring for the OH Prime employees, the contractors, the clients, the work and the national environment, during the provision of healthcare activities and during our daily life.

OH Prime, through the mutual participation of all employees and contractors is committed to manage a rigorous HSE program with the objectives of preventing accidents and adverse occupational health and environmental impacts.

On General HSE issues, OH Prime will be committed to:

  • Abide with the HSE applicable laws and regulations and the international standards and other requirements where local laws and regulations do not exist. Our contractors will also apply the same HSA standards.
  • Prevent pollution, injury and ill health.
  • Measure HSE performance against defined standards.
  • Provide HSE induction and appropriate HSE training to employees and contractors and bring them aware with their OH&S obligations.
  • Develop and maintain emergency procedures and carry outMock drills (emergency and elective).
  • Run HSE periodical safety inspections and audits to ensure compliance with the Company HSE programme.
  • Determine the HSE targets every year and review these targets during the management review meetings.
  • Protect and promote the health of the company and contractor employees.
  • Minimise the impacts on the environment.
  • Continual improvement to the standards of HSE.
  • Yearly Top Management review and development of the HSE policy.

  • OH Prime through its HSE Management System will implement this policy and will make this available to all interested parties. All employees and contractors are required to be committed to and perform their duties according to this HSE Policy and in line with the international standards ISO 14001:2004 and OSHAS 18001:2007.


When tests are performed it is essential that the measuring or test equipment used is itself accurate, otherwise inaccurate results and wrong judgments can be made.

The following list describes the key requirements of a calibration system:

  • Identify all measuring equipment with a unique identification, e.g. serial number and its calibration status
  • Establish the conditions (e.g. frequency) with which the measuring equipment needs to be checked
  • Define procedures which describe the calibration system (measuring equipment recall procedure)
  • Detail the individual calibration procedures for each type of measuring equipment
  • Ensure that the inspection and test equipment has the necessary accuracy and precision
  • Define the procedures that describe the activities necessary if the results of calibration highlight equipment error
  • Establish calibration history records showing the previous calibration results
  • Determine the necessary environmental conditions suitable for accurate calibration:
    • Detail appropriate handling, preservation and storage procedures
    • Ensure that equipment is sealed to avoid any possibility of adjustments that could invalidate the calibration setting



All OH prime equipments, consumables and waste must be maintained in safe and reliable operating conditions at all times.
While occasional mechanic failures are inevitable, much can be done to prevent them.


Preventive Maintenance is an important part of our maintenance policy. This process was compiled after research on several international operators who have varied Preventive Maintenance Programs.

The following people actively participate:
Fleet Manager ensures that regular and detailed inspections of all components are carried out by a mechanic.

Please find below the graded schedule:
Schedule A Schedule B Schedule C Schedule D
Every 5,000km or 6 months Every 25,000km or 12 months Every 50,000km or 24 months

To be determined by the Service Technician depending on model of the Vehicle and frequency of usage
The appointed officer ensures that daily and weekly checks are done on all vehicles, equipment.


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Our Values:

Our Strategy:

1- To improve the quality of life of the workforce
2- To deliver an exceptional corporate client experience
3- Development of an affordable and sustainable occupational health system
4- To achieve international recognition for our innovation
5- To develop a world class work force

Our vision:

Delivering the highest quality of occupational healthcare, driven by research for the optimum health and well being of the workplace.