OH Services

Irrespective of their size, every organisation can increase employee productivity and reduce staff illness via a proactive approach to occupational health.
Designed to help HR managers comply with all relevant employment legislation and to assist them in screening employees throughout their working history from 'recruitment to retirement', we take pride in offering a comprehensive range of bespoke and personalised services in a competitive, reliable and convenient way.
We offer a flexible choice of services and are happy to work in a way that is most convenient with you.

Bespoke Occupational Health Services
Comprising a core team of highly experienced individuals, we are able to customise our services in order to provide a bespoke solution for each company irrespective of their size, nature of business and individual needs.

Personalised Occupational Health Services
Based on a close working rapport with HR managers we offer a personalised relationship with 'open' telephone access and advice from our healthcare professionals, something many corporate providers are unable to replicate.

Some of our services are:

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Our Values:

Our Strategy:

1- To improve the quality of life of the workforce
2- To deliver an exceptional corporate client experience
3- Development of an affordable and sustainable occupational health system
4- To achieve international recognition for our innovation
5- To develop a world class work force

Our vision:

Delivering the highest quality of occupational healthcare, driven by research for the optimum health and well being of the workplace.