COVID-19 - Book your Post Arrival Nigerian (NCDC) COVID-19 Test


Many thanks for having a COVID test with us.

By now, you should have received your COVID test certificate (and/or COVID Fitness to Fly certificate). Please check all details are accurate.

The nest step would be to book a test for you in Nigeria and then obtain your Port Health QR code which is needed for boarding. You are invited to fill the form here. Please ensure you provide accurate information as on your travel documents.

Please note the link leads to an OHPrime portal for OHPrime clients only and not the official government website.

We take protecting your data seriously and it is our responsibility to let you know your data will be submitted to the NIgerian government and the Nigerian Test laboratory and/or any third party agencies they work with. If you concerned about this, please do not fill the form.

Safe travels! 


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