Fit to Travel Certificate

How to get a COVID-19 Fit to Travel Letter

The COVID-19 Fit to Travel Letter or Certificate is a doctor’s letter stating your test result and that you are fit to travel.  This can be used to assist with international travel or return to work.

To obtain this certificate, you will complete your test on a video call with a clinician and will be supplied with a COVID-19 travel certificate when your results are returned.

To get a COVID-19  Fit to Travel Letter that is signed by one of our doctors, you will need to buy a PCR swab home test to check if you have the active virus or not. 

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Your responsibility

Please note it is your responsibility to check the travel requirements of the airline and country you are travelling to ensure your results are received for the requirements for the airline and country you plan to visit. 

Test results

Test results are normally available within 24 – 96 hours from receipt of the sample by the lab however we cannot guarantee the times. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any additional requirements or arrangements.

Courier Timelines

We check services provided by Royal Mail, DHL and UPS. We try and ensure the samples and tests are delivered in a timely manner. Due to using third companies for delivery, we have 0 or very little control of their performance timing. Therefore we are unable to guarantee the turnaround time from the minute it leaves you to getting your results back.

If you require a fit to Travel certificate we would strongly advise you order your test a while before you need it or need to fly.

COVID 19 Test Kits – PCR

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