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GDPR - Data Protection and Patient Consent

OHPrime as a healthcare provider process healthcare related data. Therefore it is vital for us to make you aware of what you are giving us consent to with the data we collect. See below: 

We will be using your data for accounting purposes, medical diagnosis and or preventive medicine. 

You will also be allowing us to email your payment receipt to you confidentially. Your results and and dispatch notice will be sent to your chosen email address and if need be we will contact you via phone. 

You must understand that we are unable to erase any clinical medical records as they would be required by our clinical practice for evidence. 

You understand that OHPrime will not contact you for any marketing and promotional activities for its services. 

Purchasing and good and/or service from us confirms you accept these terms.

You have full access of OHPs privacy policy as it is readily available for all to access on our website. Should you need any assistance please contact us on