COVID-19 Global Travel Guidance

Currently, many countries are asking travellers to provide documentation to prove they have been tested and do not have the COVID-19 Infection. The tests are generally required to be conducted within the 48 – 120 hours prior to fight departure. 

We strongly advise that you check with your airline and the government authorities of the country you are visiting, that they do accept the certificate upon entry as this is the case for most countries. It is your responsibility to check the requirements of the airline and country that you are visiting before you contact us. 

Most of the countries require a COVID-19 PCR Antigen Test, which is basically a swab of the throat and nose (just as is done in the NHS). However, in some countries travellers are being asked to have a COVID-19 PCR Antibody Test which requires a blood sample be taken and sent to a laboratory to be checked. 

There are two types of testing available with OHP, they include both the PCR Antigen Test and the PCR Antibody Test


Quarantine / Self Isolation 

Many countries have become strict about the way they let people visit and leave, with most requiring people to quarantine for 7-14 days, in self/institutional isolation. 

Some countries would waive the quarantine/isolation requirement if proof of a Negative PCR test is provided. 

The Information changes very rapidly. You can use any of these two sources for up to date information. Please note these links will refer you to other websites who are directly responsible for their information



Foreign Travel Advice – from UK Government