Security Surveillance Systems

Security Surveillance Systems

Energy Blocks’s IP Security Surveillance (IPSS) System is today state of art surveillance technology. It is a complete integrated IP-based solution, right from camera, matrix switch, keyboard, multiplexer….all the way to digital video decoder (dvr). The system is targeted on Intelligent City & Building, Casino, Traffic Management, Airport and Mission Critical Environment.

The IPSS System’s web-based interface allow user to log on to the system through widely used web browsers, Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator, by either LAN or WAN, for remote live monitoring, streaming, playback, etc.

  • Fully IP-based Security Surveillance System.
  • Digital/analog flexibility.
  • An Integrated and Enhanced Management System with full user define security features.
  • Digital Redundancy System Architecture.
  • Open solution allowing users to integrate with existing systems thus preserving investment made.
  • Multi-platform connectivity via mobile and wireless devices.
  • Optional leverage on advance 3D visual environment.


Video Surveillance Systems for Your Home

Video surveillance cameras connect homeowners with their properties, homes and families in a way no other home security device can. Strategically placed security cameras inside, outside, and even around the perimeters of your property put homeowners in control, allowing them to see what they otherwise could not, whether because they’re away from home, or because they’re in another part of the home. Video surveillance systems help prevent crimes’their mere presence is a deterrent-and they can provide valuable evidence needed to prove a crime and convict a criminal. They can also secure a home in terms of making sure family members are safe, the dogs are in the yard, or an expected delivery arrived on the doorstep. Video surveillance security allows a connection with one’s home and family as well as the protection against intruders.

What are the Benefits of a Video Surveillance System?

The best thing about a home video surveillance system is the extra sets of eyes. How many times has someone left home and realised twenty minutes later that the thermostat wasn’t turned off or that the front door was unlocked? Perhaps the nanny is new and the ability to check in would be invaluable. Each family’s individual needs will dictate unique benefits.