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We dare to shape the future of Occupational Health. Through our commitment and innovation, we are transforming workplace wellness.

We are revitalising workplace health through quality-driven services, delivered using our flexible model and multidisciplinary team.

We offer:


  • Customized Certificates of Fitness
  • NIMASA Certificate
  • Fitness for Offshore work Medical tests (OGUK Offshore Medical Certificate (Oil and Gas UK), OLF offshore fitness test (Norway), NOGEPA offshore fitness test (Netherlands))
  • Aviation Medicals (Nigeria, UK)
  • IMCA Divers Medical Certification (International Marine Contractors Association)
  • Pre employment / preplacement medical Assessment
  • Routine periodic medical check up
  • Fitness for work Assessment
  • Fitness for return to work Assessment
  • Drug and Alchohol testing (DAT), Alcohol and Substance Misuse Policy guidance, Drug and Alchohol Management Plan (DAMP)
  • Risk Assessments
  • Accident Investigation
  • Travel Advice
  • Pre travel assessment
  • Travel Insurance
  • Medical Outsourcing of Medics
  • First aiders
  • Diving medical physicians
  • OH doctors and other specialties as requested
  • Training
  • Remote Site Medic / Physician (Offshore / Land)
  • Remote Site Clinic Management
  • On-Site Ambulance
  • Off site Standby Ambulance
  • Industrial Site Ambulance Coverage
  • Medical Emergencies (Corporate / Individual)
  • Air / Sea Evacuation
  • Emergency Land Evacuation (Lagos, Abuja, Jos, Ilorin, Benin and Port Harcourt)
  • Emergency rescue coverage for sports and social events
  • International medical evacuation
  • Disaster Relief
  • Inter – Hospital Transfers
  • Medical Evacuations
  • Ambulance Rental
  • Medical Escort services
  • Air Ambulance
  • In-Hospital Care Management
  • Drugs and Medical Equipment
  • After sales service and Maintenance
  • Equipment Calibration
  • Commercial Diving
  • Medical stand-by
  • Client customised fitness tests
  • NIMASA(Nigeria)
  • OGUK offshore fitness test (UK)
  • OLF offshore fitness test (Norway)
  • NOGEPA offshore fitness test (Netherlands)
  • IMCA(International Divers medicals)
  • Aviation Medicals (Nigeria, UK)

The organization has established, implemented and maintained a procedure:

  • to identify the potential for emergency situations;
  • To respond to such emergency situations.


The organization responds to actual emergency situations and prevents or mitigates associated adverse HSE consequences. In planning its emergency response the organization has taken account of the needs of relevant interested parties, e.g. emergency services and neighbors.

The organization also periodically tests its procedure to respond to emergency situations, where practicable, involving relevant interested parties as appropriate.


The organization periodically reviews and, where necessary, revises its emergency preparedness and response procedure, in particular, after periodical testing and after the occurrence of emergency situations.

Factors To Consider Regarding Medical Tourism

  • Cost saving
  • Availability
  • Accessibility
  • Quality
  • Additional services

Occupational Health Prime is proud to be offering the Medical Tourism Service in the USA, UK, Ghana, South Africa, Turkey and India.


Why Turkey?
  • Turkey is the third highest number of JCI accredited hospitals in the world. (As of 1 January 2013)
  • Turkey is presently recognized as a competitive and high technology healthcare destination treating thousands of foreign patients from Europe and neighboring countries every month.
  • Close to 60 internationally competitive medical faculties training thousands of Turkish and foreign medical students and high certification standards for physicians ensure successful medical results in a wide variety of specialties.
  • Culturally vibrant atmosphere in metropolitan Turkish cities provide a friendly and safe environment for patients and spouses to fully recuperate.
  • The incredibly central geographical location of Turkey at a crossroad between Europe and Asia allow for easy access and short flying times to every destination in the world.
  • Turkey is an EU candidate country currently fulfilling membership criteria ensuring high and consistent standards in healthcare.
  • Reliable quotes and consistent prices are the norm.
  • All accredited Turkish hospitals are outfitted with world-class infrastructure and modern technology.
  • Almost all major pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, Johnson and Johnson, Sanofi- Aventis, Merck, Novartis, Roche, Astra Zeneca are present in Turkey with regional headquarters and manufacturing facilities as well as many local manufacturers.
  • Reliable supply of blood is provided by Kizilay (the Turkish Red Crescent) which is a JCI accredited organization.
Turkish Medical Services

Turkey provides excellent treatment opportunities by providing

  • services in medical & healthcare sector with high quality, success, efficiency and satisfies economical expectations as well.
  • Turkey has abundance of private health institutions withstate-of-the-art technology and qualified medical and service personnel.
  • Turkey is the country with largest number of JCI accredited institutions.
  • Modern, hygienic hospitals with 5-star facilities , ISO 9001 certification
  • JCI (Joint Commission International) standard
  • Internationally qualified, English-speaking surgeons and specialists
  • The latest advanced medical equipment and techniques
  • Medical Systems based on USA models
  • Excellent patient care and services from highly qualified medical staff
  • Favorable exchange rates mean that top quality private treatment is available at affordable prices
  • Not too far or too expensive to travel
  • There are over 500 private hospital approximately and expecting more growth

We work with business owners, property managers, facility managers who have a problem with managing their fire safety compliance responsibilities. We deliver and administer a comprehensive fire safety management system for our clients. So that they have peace of mind that their fire safety compliance responsibilities are being discharged competently & professionally. Which means they can concentrate on growing their business and avoid possible prosecution.


Energy Blocks offers a complete service for all your fire protection needs.

We service fire alarm and emergency lighting installations. The suite of services includes the design, installation, commissioning of fire alarm systems, and comprehensive handover training of your nominated Responsible Person in accordance with the requirements of BS5839 Part 1 (2002).


Whether you require the installation of a new system, or simply need a piece of equipment repaired or replaced, our engineers can help. We offer a comprehensive range of equipment installations, including fire alarm, emergency lighting systems, hose reels, portable fire extinguishers, smoke vents and dry risers.

Energy Blocks can supply you with all you personal protective equipment needs. Are you looking for something in particular and can’t find it on these pages? Our stock is constantly added to, so just give us a call.

We supply a vast array of Fire Extinguishers that are appropriate and suitable for all kinds of fires that could occur in your work place.


We provide you with free advice as to the type, location and number of Fire Extinguishers that you may require.


We also provide an annual maintenance service, as well as full training, to supplement the supply and installation of BS Approved Fire Extinguishers.


We will provide this entire service at an extremely competitive price, and we will be hard to beat on price and service

An automatic fire alarm system is designed to detect the unwanted presence of fire by monitoring environmental changes associated with combustion. In general, a fire alarm system is classified as either automatically actuated, manually actuated, or both. Automatic fire alarm systems are intended to notify the building occupants to evacuate in the event of a fire or other emergency, report the event to an off-premises location in order to summon emergency services, and to prepare the structure and associated systems to control the spread of fire and smoke. Or an electrical system, installed within a home, industrial plant, or office building that sounds a loud blast or bell when smoke and flames are detected. Certain alarms are engineered to trigger sprinkler systems for added protection.


Components of a Fire Detection and Alarm / FM-200 SYSTEMS:

SMOKE DETECTORS: A smoke detector is a device that senses the presence of smoke in a building and warns the occupants, enabling them to escape a fire before succumbing to smoke inhalation or burns. Equipping a home with at least one smoke detector cuts in half the chances that the residents will die in a fire.


FIRE ALARM CONTROL PANEL: Fire alarm control panel: This component, the hub of the system, monitors inputs and system integrity, controls outputs and relays information. For early fire detection warning, Vimtech Installation Services provides a range of conventional Panels which are cost-effective solutions to fire detection in most medium size installations and above. Our units have been designed to offer high standards of performance, reliability and quality to comply with international standards.


SIRENS AND FIRE BELLS: A fire bell is a hollow device made of metal that makes a ringing sound when struck to give an alarm. It is being activated by the control panel when there is fire detection from the smoke detectors. Just like the fire bells, the sirens are devices which are also being triggered by the fire control panel to raise an alarm for an emergency call when there is a detection of fire.


MANUAL CALL-POINTS OR BREAK GLASSES: Manual call-points are designed for the purpose of raising an alarm manually once verification of a fire or emergency condition exists.

We specialise in this sector of the Industry as it requires unique skills that we have developed and perfected over many years which allow us to service the needs and the individual requirements of our clients. All products we supply comply with the various Australian Standards and if applicable the relevant International Standards as well.


In line with local and international installation methods our main core products are the roll grooved range of Pipe, Valves, Fittings and Couplings, this system is available from 50mm to 300mm and beyond and is used on almost every fire service being installed around the country today.

Energy Blocks’s IP Security Surveillance (IPSS) System is today state of art surveillance technology. It is a complete integrated IP-based solution, right from camera, matrix switch, keyboard, multiplexer….all the way to digital video decoder (dvr). The system is targeted on Intelligent City & Building, Casino, Traffic Management, Airport and Mission Critical Environment.


The IPSS System’s web-based interface allow user to log on to the system through widely used web browsers, Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator, by either LAN or WAN, for remote live monitoring, streaming, playback, etc.



  • Fully IP-based Security Surveillance System.
  • Digital/analog flexibility.
  • An Integrated and Enhanced Management System with full user define security features.
  • Digital Redundancy System Architecture.
  • Open solution allowing users to integrate with existing systems thus preserving investment made.
  • Multi-platform connectivity via mobile and wireless devices.
  • Optional leverage on advance 3D visual environment.

Video Surveillance Systems for Your Home

Video surveillance cameras connect homeowners with their properties, homes and families in a way no other home security device can. Strategically placed security cameras inside, outside, and even around the perimeters of your property put homeowners in control, allowing them to see what they otherwise could not, whether because they’re away from home, or because they’re in another part of the home. Video surveillance systems help prevent crimes’their mere presence is a deterrent-and they can provide valuable evidence needed to prove a crime and convict a criminal. They can also secure a home in terms of making sure family members are safe, the dogs are in the yard, or an expected delivery arrived on the doorstep. Video surveillance security allows a connection with one’s home and family as well as the protection against intruders.


What are the Benefits of a Video Surveillance System?

The best thing about a home video surveillance system is the extra sets of eyes. How many times has someone left home and realised twenty minutes later that the thermostat wasn’t turned off or that the front door was unlocked? Perhaps the nanny is new and the ability to check in would be invaluable. Each family’s individual needs will dictate unique benefits.

We also provide the following services:


  • Bespoke Services
  • General Surgery
  • Internal Medicine
  • Mental health
  • Gynecology and Obstetrics
  • Orthopedics
  • Nutrition
  • Antenatal care
  • Psychiatry
  • ENT

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